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The Dirtiest Word in Business: Process

The saying is “let it flow,” not “let it trickle, churn or clog.” But the latter three are what happens to most company processes when in the midst of creating new products.

Process is a dirty word because it represents the most difficult business problems to express and address, much less solve. These are good enough reasons to avoid talking about it, so company leaders—who must prioritize problems by urgency and their ability to fix them—rarely have the time to tackle abstract concerns such as process.

But the problems persist and hinder the continual progress required to innovate and iterate, and with every iteration the complications pile up, decreasing the odds that your product will be built right, released on time and ready for the market you’ve so thoughtfully researched and targeted.

The best way to prevent these problems from happening is to remove the blame, shame and disorder from process, the dirty word that no one wants to discuss, and instead implement a system that tracks the essential information you need to define, organize, build, test and launch on time and profitably—that’s a fix that’s actually worth talking about it.

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