Best Practices

Develop and Deliver Faster with Better Requirements

Most projects fail before the first line of code is written. Before the first miscommunication happens or the first unexpected delay, the requirements set the stage for determining success or failure of a product. Software is becoming an increasingly important differentiator for products so how does this change the development process? VDC Computer Monitor
Register to join VDC Research analyst André Girard and Jama Software cofounder Derwyn Harris on Wednesday, July 23 for a webinar to learn the number one way to navigate embedded systems development. They will share current research on the state of requirements management in embedded systems as well as projections for future trends.
You’ll learn actionable tactics to achieve product success through:

  • Efficient communication
  • Informed decision making
  • Tight alignment around requirements

Join this webinar to learn how you can benefit from the use of formal requirements-management tools to directly connect programming activity back to business needs, define and validate the requirements and manage the inevitable change arising during the product lifecycle.
As a bonus, register now for the webinar and receive the PDF of the VDC Research report, “Pinching Pennies on Requirements Management is Too Costly.”
Have questions for André and Derwyn about requirements? Find them on Twitter, @AndreatVDC and @Derwyn to connect.