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Designing for Insights, Alignment and Productivity

Over the past year, we’ve made big changes to the user experience in Jama. Customers who use our hosted software see these improvements as we release them, and there’s so much more to come. The User Experience Team wanted to take a moment to talk about this work and how it is improving the way our customers delivery products.

These changes in Jama are rooted in user research that our team began over a year ago. We visited or interviewed a variety of our customers, explored deeply how they work together, and found opportunities to both improve what we do and meet more needs for more people in Jama.

Product Team
Product Manager Derwyn Harris, Engineer Jason Goetz and UX Director Mike Challey review designs with the Jama Product Team


From this research, we identified key areas that are most important to our users. These are our findings:

  1. Finding and sharing. People wanted easier, more personalized ways to find the content they want in Jama and bring others to this content, too
  2. Getting data in. Authoring content within the application more naturally helps people work faster and stay focused.
  3. Organizing and working with data. People wanted simpler approaches, or more guidance around, relating, reusing, categorizing, and other data management activities.
  4. Collaborating and approving. We saw the need for richer ways to work together through Jama.
  5. Understanding progress. Seeing progress in a shared process helps align everyone and encourages the taking of ownership.

Based on this research, we are focusing our efforts on designing better workflows in these areas to help users:

  • Reduce the time and effort to perform the most common actions in Jama
  • Bring modern, familiar interactions into Jama to reduce user error and increase focus and speed
  • Create more useful views of data that perform well at enterprise scale


Services Consultant Matt Mickle presents insights to the Product team
Services Consultant Matt Mickle presents insights to the Product team

So, how do we decide when to release new or enhanced views? At Jama, we believe in Agile development and continuous release because it helps us regularly deliver value to our customers. As we work on these core workflows, we are continuously evaluating what we create. When we are satisfied that users will see true benefit in a new range of features, the work is scheduled for a release to the Jama hosted environment.

A good example of this is the new home page. We originally released the home page with links to “Recent Projects,” a personalized way to serve frequently visited content to users and save them time. Data showed that people used this feature and found value in it, so in the next hosted release we offered a more granular approach with links to any “recent views.” Because of this, the home page has even higher usage, even though users found “recent projects” valuable, too.

Derwyn Harris and Jason Goetz review persona workflows
Derwyn Harris and Jason Goetz review persona workflows

This incremental, data-driven approach allows users to get changes as we make them and some time to become familiar with them before the next release. It’s easier to “take users along with you” than retrain people for large changes to the user experience.

We hope this provides some clarity on our approach and that you share our excitement about the many, good changes to come. Like the ones we just released! Check in at our Support Community, which is open to anyone, for the latest updates in this June 20th release.