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Commitment to Sustainability

Like much of Portland and the Pacific Northwest, Jama is committed to sustainable living and working whenever possible. It’s a priority for our employees and we make a concerted effort to make sustainability a corporate initiative.

Jama has planned for responsible resource management from the ground up. Where to build our headquarters was a big decision and we heavily factored in environmental impact. Our LEED-certified building was constructed from 40% recycled materials; portions of the interior were constructed from planks of reclaimed wood, which was sourced from a barn, scheduled for demolition, located just outside Portland.


Our location  in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District is easily accessible to employees, with central access to the city’s extensive public transportation and bikeway network.  Commuting by bicycle is a big element of our culture; although we do see bike-commuter percentages change with the seasons, about one-third of the staff are hard-core commuters who ride to work regardless of weather conditions. At our peak in late summer, 60-70% of our team arrives on two wheels instead of four. For our office, we designed a custom bike rack using recycled bike frames in the structure. The bike rack is prominently featured in our office and from the street.

jama13 jama10By combining natural light with state-of-the-art energy efficiency, recycling, composting and water-conservation solutions, Jama has created a green environment. Jama’s server room features highly efficient systems intended to reduce our carbon footprint. Utilizing Energy Star brands in the server room has helped us reduce energy costs within our data center. We’re mindful of paper usage. In addition to a desk-side garbage bin, each Jama employee has a recycling box, and our in-office recycling program includes paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and toner. Additional initiatives include motion-activated lights with high-efficiency bulbs, low-flow toilets, automatic bathroom faucets, reusable dishware, eco-friendly cleaning and janitorial supplies and high-efficiency kitchen appliances.

At Jama, it’s in our DNA to do our part to improve our planet, our lives and the communities we touch.

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