Breakthrough Insights

Collaboration Goes Under the Microscope

There comes a point in the research and development phase of some industries where the naked eye no longer cuts it and regular microscopes fall short. For companies manufacturing Semiconductors this is especially true.  Pressure to reduce the size of modern devices while increasing quality and durability mean that they need visibility into their processes.  This level of detail can only be accomplished by cutting-edge microscopy technology. For researchers taking on disease and discovering cures, their breakthroughs will come at a microscopic level, enabled by companies like FEI, a Thermo Fisher Scientific company.picture1
FEI’s microscopes can be found in elite research facilities, including the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Lab, Yale University and Carnegie Mellon University. The FEI Titan Krios electron microscope used by the Salk Institute recently obtained data that allowed researchers to better understand how HIV integrates into DNA and replicates, advancing efforts to treat and cure HIV.
As FEI helps their customers overcome their challenges of building quality products and getting to market efficiently, they face their own pressures to better collaborate and adapt to changing conditions. As part of their efforts to continue to deliver leading microscopy workflows, they purchased Jama in 2015 to help align their global teams and provide a central repository for requirements management.
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