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Announcing Jama Integration Hub Powered by Tasktop

Today we’re really excited to share news of a new product — and partnership — that will help Agile product teams across the enterprise better collaborate, share requirements, and communicate decisions.

Thanks to our partnership with Tasktop, the provider of best-in-class integrations bus technology, Jama seamlessly syncs data between Jama and downstream applications via our new Jama Integration Hub.

This type of data integration is critical to companies managing the development of complex products and applications. As software drives product innovation, and time-to-market pressures increase, companies are adopting Agile practices at an enterprise scale. While these practices can codify processes and improve communication, large distributed groups who have to manage through constant change are still hindered by an inability to share information and stay in alignment.

Now with our Integrations Hub, and our new Agile Workflow Design, which we’re also announcing today, Jama addresses these challenges. This workflow design is the first of several planned prescriptive service offerings, and draws on our seven years of experience consulting with customers on how to optimize collaboration among teams and configure delivery environments to their organization’s process and methodology.

What does this mean to Jama customers? It means all teams stay within the tool that best supports their work and still get the context and reporting required to keep development on track.

Product teams can manage Epics and Stories in Jama, for example, and sync this information to downstream development teams using JIRA, Rally and Team Foundation Service (TFS). Developers work within their chosen tool and then sync their data back up to Jama. The relationships between items remain intact, and everyone is on the same page.

Product teams, now with a true single source of truth for product information, can use Jama to manage changes and deliver timely and effective reporting back to the business.

Read more about the announcement in the press release.