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Achieving Alignment to Deliver Great Solutions

Note: The following is an excerpt from our Forrester Consulting commissioned report, The State of Modern Product Delivery. Read the full report for key insights on the current trends and challenges in product delivery.

Product complexity mirrors organizational complexity. Like the parable of the blind men and the elephant, different roles see different aspects of the customer’s needs. Everyone is partly right, but no one is completely right. Achieving alignment is essential to delivering the right solution, but is often overlooked in the rush to launch new products. When everyone shares the business context of “what” and “why,” alignment can unlock the team’s full potential to deliver great solutions.


  • Creative tension often leads to better products. Different stakeholders see the product differently — and that’s healthy. Marketing sees the product in terms of branding and image. Sales sees it in terms of specific customer challenges. Development sees it in terms of bringing technology to bear on a problem. Bringing all of these perspectives together is sometimes contentious, but breakthrough products can emerge when the tension can be effectively channeled.
  • Communicating decisions reduces wasted time and effort. Rework, delays, and low morale result when decisions are not effectively communicated. When decisions are made in isolation, discord can tear a product development effort apart. Just as important as the final decision itself is the rationale behind the decision; knowing why a decision was made is often more important than knowing the result. Keeping everyone in the loop is not just good manners; it drives better results.
  • Complex products lead to complex collaboration. Products spanning multiple devices, channels, and technologies are becoming the norm, not the exception. Orchestrating their delivery is exponentially more complex than for simple products. More stakeholders and perspectives multiply the communication challenges. Successful product organizations are able to keep this complexity in check.

Read the full Forrester Consulting report on The State of Modern Product Delivery complete with key recommendations.