7 Essential Tips to Ensure Success with Requirements Management

John Simpson | March 17, 2009

As fast as things change in the software development world, it’s amazing how the fundamentals stay true to form. Innovate or die.  Go Agile or die.  How about just get the freakin’ requirements right or die!  That might be a more accurate perspective that many development managers are taking today.  Especially during this tough economy, taking a “back to basics” approach can prove to be a good strategy. Recently, we had an opportunity to speak with a few well respected consultants in the field of requirements management, including Karl Wiegers and James and Suzanne Robertson, and we were reminded of just how important it is to nail the fundamentals of the requirements management process – from writing good requirements to managing change requests  to prioritizing new features and requirements.  Whichever product development methodology or process you’re using, it’s critical to nail the fundamentals.


To help with this effort, we put together a new whitepaper on the 7 essential tips to ensure success with requirements management, along with a few free templates you can use right away to help you with your requirements process.  For some, these tips might be new. For others, these tips will serve as a  good reminder of the fundamentals that are easy to lose sight of during the heat of a project. You can download the requirements management resources directly from our web site.   Feel free to share these with others and add links your favorite templates.