Innovation Trends

Ways to Stay Updated on Innovation News

There are countless sources for innovation and product news. A well-curated RSS feed can go a long way in keeping you informed, but if you’re looking to browse check out these five innovation-focused sites. The LinkedIn Product Delivery group is another place to connect with others around innovation topics and keep up on news.

Igniting Innovation on

Medium recently emerged as a content platform from Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone. You’ll find posts titled “10 Principles of a Great Product” and “How to Structure Your Culture for Innovation.”

Washington Post Innovations

The Innovations section of covers everything from innovative product to the big picture and challenges of running an innovative company. It also features an editor’s corner, curated by Matt McFarland.

Wired’s Innovation Insights

Innovation Insights is a collaborative blog hosted by wired. The site features viewpoints of a number of authors and provides the opportunity for readers to submit their own blog posts.

The blog features a multitude of prolific authors covering various innovation topics. Author Stefan Lindegaard’s archive is a good place to start.

Entrepreneur Steve Blank has a long history in Silicon Valley and now lectures at Stanford and Berkeley. His blog features illustrated videos and insights from his work with large innovative companies.