3 Takeaways from Atlassian Summit

Cody White | October 4, 2013

3 Takeaways from Atlassian Summit

This week we’ve been in San Francisco for the annual Atlassian Summit. It’s been a whirlwind event! Most of the JIRA users we’ve connected with are highly engaged with Jama’s position on how we help to control data coming in to JIRA and giving context to developers.

Requirements Management is Becoming Increasingly Social

It’s been interesting to see the number of updates and new product announcements validating the importance of social collaboration. There’s heightened interest in using social tools for requirements management; most people are still in the early stages of moving to more collaborative requirements. Jama Review Center has been in the market for several years and had time to mature with built-in review and approvals.

Approval and Traceability Management is Universal

As we talk to people, issues related to document approvals and traceability are among the most resonant. As complexity of a project increases, so do communications. The announcement of JIRA’s issue-tracking tool is part of a greater movement toward better integration and communication in project management software.

A new way to Volunteer Your Technical Skills

We’re glad to see the rollout of MakeADiff.org, an online community where individuals can donate their technical expertise to help a charitable organization. Vetted organizations will be able to post their technical needs to the site and volunteers will be able to match their skills.

Other favorite parts of the conference were JIRA State of the Union, Launch Pad presentations and of course the food carts. We had a great time talking with attendees who came by our booth. If you came by after we ran out of T-shirts, be sure to give us a shout so we can send you one.

Missed the show? Take a look at our booth presentation below and learn more about JIRA integration with Jama.

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