Subscribers who move to our new on-premises deployment model this year will need to choose whether they want access to the newest features and bug fixes as quickly as possible or whether they want less frequent releases with more time to validate them.

To find out more about how to choose your channel, check out this article on the Jama Community

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Jama Software Support

United States
Toll-free: 1-800-679-3058
Direct: 503-922-1058

United Kingdom
Direct: 00-800-7000-4004

Germany and Sweden
Direct: 00-800-7000-4004

Direct: 990-800-7000-4004

Supported Software Changes
Beginning with Jama on-premises version 8.0, customers using Jama on-premises will be required to install Jama in a Linux environment with a MySQL (recommended) or Microsoft SQL database. We believe a standard approach for configuring Jama environments will provide the greatest benefits to our customers utilizing Jama within their own environments. For more information visit the Jama Community.