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Standard: 8.10
Express: 8.10

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United States
Toll-free: 1-800-679-3058
Direct: 503-922-1058

United Kingdom
Direct: 00-800-7000-4004

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Direct: 990-800-7000-4004

Choose Your Channel

Subscribers who move to our new on-premises deployment model this year will need to choose whether they want access to the newest features and bug fixes as quickly as possible or whether they want less frequent releases with more time to validate them. Here’s more about how the two release channels work.

This is the best choice for subscribers who want access to the most current features and bug fixes. Builds on this channel are high quality and fully tested. The Express channel will closely follow our hosted release cadence, initially shipping monthly (and occasionally, more than once a month if we release an urgent patch). As we deliver features incrementally, this build will sometimes include new features that are subject to change based on subscriber feedback.

We will fully support the current version on the Express channel, and one previous release. Subscribers who are running on versions prior to these two will receive best effort support and if they report problems with older versions will be asked to update.

The Express channel requires internet access during the installation process.

Some subscribers in regulated industries need to validate each Jama release before it’s put into production; if this describes you—especially if validation takes longer than four weeks—the Standard channel is the best choice. This channel will include less frequent releases (typically, one or two per year) to give subscribers time to validate releases in a test environment before deploying them to production. From time to time we will also deploy critical fixes or security patches to this channel.

Each release will include a validation toolkit (purchased separately) that documents the automated and manual testing that Jama has conducted against the build, so that subscribers can more easily prove to auditors that the build is safe to deploy. New features will be enabled only on these builds when active development has been completed. We will support older releases on the standard channel for one year after release, just like our current on-premises releases.

The Standard channel requires internet access during the installation process.

Standard air gap installation
If you are unable to connect your Jama server to the internet, you’ll need to select this channel. This will allow for an airgap installation of Jama.

Supported Software Changes
Beginning with Jama on-premises version 8.0, customers using Jama on-premises will be required to install Jama in a Linux environment with a MySQL (recommended) or Microsoft SQL database. We believe a standard approach for configuring Jama environments will provide the greatest benefits to our customers utilizing Jama within their own environments. For more information visit:

How to Choose the Best Option

Both channels have these characteristics:

  • Fully tested on all supported platforms.
  • You can upgrade whenever you like — you can skip releases and are never forced to upgrade.
  • You can deploy any release to a QA environment and validate it before you deploy it.
  • Critical security patches and high severity defect fixes will be available to both channels as quickly as possible.
  • With the exception of Air-Gap, installs require access to the internet during the installation process.


The Express channel is closest to our SaaS offering. Choose Express if any of these describe your company:

  • You want access to all new features as soon as they are available.
  • You want access to all defect fixes each month.
  • You expect that you might want to upgrade more often than once or twice a year.
  • You’d like the option of participating in beta programs for new features so you can shape the design of those features.
  • You are able to validate updates to tools in less than a month.
  • You can connect your Jama server to the internet (directly or through a proxy) when you want to download Jama.


The Standard channel is closest to our legacy on-premises offering. Choose Standard if any of these describe your company:

  • You have a validation process for tools that takes more than one month to complete.
  • You don’t want to think about each release. You’d rather only get notified once or twice a year about the big changes.
  • You would prefer to stay on an older, supported release most of the time.
  • You’re willing to wait six months or more for most defect fixes and new features.
  • You cannot connect your Jama server to the Internet at all and need to transfer new versions of Jama using a USB stick or removable media. (We only package up Jama for air gap installations when we release to the Standard channel).
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If we choose the Express channels, can we skip a few releases and then upgrade to the latest one?
A: Yes. With each release of Jama, we run the needed database migrations to catch your database schema up with the needs of the current build.
Q: If we skip a few releases on the Express channel, can we upgrade to any forward release without upgrading to the latest version?
A: No. For best support and end-user experience, we recommend upgrading to the latest Express release.
Q: Which Jama versions will you support on the Express and Standard channels?
A: For the Standard channel, we will support older releases for one year after the release. If your organization’s process requires that you stay on supported releases for a long period of time without upgrading, we recommend the Standard channel.

We will fully support the current version on the Express channel, and one previous release. Subscribers who are running on versions prior to these two will receive best effort support and if they report problems with older versions will be asked to update. If a hotfix or patch is released, that release supercedes the current release. (For example, if Jama 8.6.1 is released, we’ll support 8.5.0 and 8.6.1 but ask subscribers on 8.6.0 to upgrade).

We expect many subscribers will use the Express channel but only upgrade every few months. You don’t have to take every release, but if you encounter a technical issue, we’ll ask you to upgrade as part of the diagnostic process. If it’s hard for you to get permission to upgrade, you may want to use the Standard channel.
Q. Can I switch channels?
A: No, changing channels is not something we support at this time. If you’re unsure about which channel is right for you, choose Standard.
Q. Do both channels offer a similar or same path to Hosted?
A: Yes, in both cases, subscribers can migrate to our hosted solution.

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