Jama for Automotive Electronics Providers

Jama offers automotive electronics providers better, faster product definition, change management and functional safety verification.

Capture product and safety-related communication and decisions within the requirements.

Build and maintain alignment

When your large team makes hundreds of decisions every day, it’s easy to get off track. Jama brings your product definers, systems engineers, software architects, hardware designers, functional safety managers, customers and partners together to define, validate and verify requirements. By using Jama as your requirements system of record, ensure alignment is built and demonstrable throughout your system development process.

See impact of change management

Impact Analysis helps you stay ahead of the accelerated pace of change management in today’s automotive electronics, automatically highlighting not only what is impacted, but who as well. Look at Impact Analysis in Jama.

Facilitate faster feedback loops

Facilitate continuous collaboration and real-time engagement with your customers, partners and ecosystem. Track and discuss data collected by your IoT-connected products. See how Real-Time Collaboration works.

Follow SPICE-compliant processes

Secure “snapshots” of significant events or milestones using Jama’s critical baseline functionality. Follow native workflows designed to support SPICE-compliant processes. Explore the Critical Baselines feature.


Jama is the first SaaS and Agile vendor to be ISO 26262 fit-for-purpose certified by TÜV SÜD

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Visualize connected data and work for frictionless quality and compliance

Often, quality and compliance is produced as a manual task after design and development is complete. Jama harnesses your existing workflows and best practices to empower teams to spend more time on engineering and less time on understanding and managing compliance processes and documentation. Automated traceability in Jama provides end-to-end linking of marketing requirements, product requirements, product specifications, safety requirements, verification and validation artifacts and even defects.

Create intuitive relationship rules that configure to your organization's workflow for better traceability

Meet functional safety standards

Relationship Rules ensures traceability to test cases used for verification and validation, preventing mistakes and providing evidence to assist in meeting functional safety standards such as ISO 26262. See how Relationship Rules work.

Always report with live data

Stop sharing and working with outdated information. Customizable, real-time reporting allows for flexibility in how you share your data both inside and outside your company. Explore Jama’s Report functionality.

Test the right requirements

As changes are made to requirements, your verification engineers will be alerted to affected test cases through Jama’s suspect link functionality. Find out how Jama’s Suspect Links work.

See it in action

This 5 minute overview illustrates how to use Jama to build automotive products that need functional safety verification.

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