Jama Screenshot Gallery

Requirements Hub: Create a central repository accessible anytime, anywhere.

Create a central repository and establish a unified system of record to ensure accuracy, consistency and accessibility of all your ideas, discussions, product plans, requirements, use cases and related items in Jama.

Reviews & Approvals: Get buy-in with everyone using the Review Center.

Using the Review Center, a member of the project team can send a specific set of requirements out to the team and stakeholders to review and provide feedback in-line. Participants in the review can join the real-time discussion, propose edits, flag issues, vote for prioritized features, and ultimately approve and electronically sign-off on the requirements for an official record of the agreed-upon scope.

Social with a Purpose: Capture feedback and conversations in context.

Capture the entire conversation within Jama so everyone can see the discussion thread about a specific requirement or item. Make edits to requirements, use cases and other items in the context of the conversation.

Connected Users in Jama: See how everyone connects to the work.

Connected Users visually displays how an individual’s work, down to the item level, connects to both the tasks of every other team member as well as to how the task rolls up to the business objectives defining the outcome of the overall product.

Diagramming: Bring your requirements and plans to life.

Communicate your requirements visually to provide a shared understanding and greater clarity to your team on what to build. Create Business Process Models (BPM), workflow diagrams, mockups, and other visual images to bring your requirements to life.

Project Dashboards: Keep your finger on the pulse.

Jama makes it easy to customize and assemble project-level views of Jama activity and data using widgets within the dashboard. Now, you can quickly export Jama data from the dashboard for easy reporting.

Traceability: Understand the ripple effect of a change.

Track the relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, defects and other related items. With impact analysis, understand the impact a change has on other requirements and related items instantly. With Coverage Explorer, confirm your test coverage.

Test Management: Create and execute your test plans.

To create a seamless interaction between planning and quality assurance, requirements management and test management naturally go hand in hand. We built Jama to connect everyone together as you capture and manage all of the requirements, decisions and ongoing discussions within your projects. With test management integrated within Jama, ensure all requirements are met by creating, executing and managing test cases to validate the software you’re building and reduce defects.

Custom Workflow: Ensure consistency within your process.

As the project administrator, configure workflow to transition items from one state to another, set permissions to specify who can make the transitions, and determine who should be notified when an item transitions from one state to another.

Change Management: Maintain an audit trail throughout the development lifecycle.

Track the complete version history of requirements and other items.