Press Release

Forrester Consulting and Jama Software Industry Survey Reveals Nearly Half of All Products Fail to Meet Customer Needs

Business challenges delivering high-value products to market include pressure to get to market faster, growing organizational complexity and misalignment across teams.

To examine how organizations deliver products and explore the challenges they face in meeting the needs of customers in today’s disruptive competitive environment, Jama Software commissioned Forrester Consulting for an in-depth market survey of senior business and IT professionals at enterprise organizations.

Forrester’s analysis yielded five key findings:

  • Product delivery has become critical to success and a competitive advantage for market leaders.
  • Product teams often lack a clear understanding of customer needs.
  • Conflicting priorities caused by stakeholder disagreements put product delivery teams in an unfortunate bind.
  • Effective collaboration spans roles, teams, and geographies.
  • Unnecessary handoffs and delayed decisions reduce speed and impair quality.

Jama Software, an enterprise software company that helps organizations build and deliver complex products, will present the key findings and offer strategic advice for speeding time to market, managing organizational complexity and aligning teams across the organization to deliver products that satisfy customer needs and build business value.