Purposeful Collaboration

Have real-time conversations about projects in the same space where you actually work.

Reduce product delivery complexity by capturing product-related communication in context. Jama brings all stakeholders together in one place for instant and comprehensive insight into what your teams are building and why.

Jama’s Purposeful Collaboration Features:

  • Real-time visibility provides context into the process both upstream and downstream.
  • Formal reviews and approvals capture official sign-off on requirements and streamline review and approval of PRDs, RFPs, Statements of Work, technical specifications or any other project plans.
  • Decision tracking alerts stakeholders when project decisions are required and signals key decisions have been made.
  • Project dashboards give you project-level views of Jama activity and data via customized reporting widgets.
  • In-stream, email and mobile notifications instantly alert people when they are affected and allow them to respond directly from their mobile device.
  • Inline comments capture the entire conversation within Jama so everyone can see the discussion thread about a specific requirement, test case or other item.

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