Refine your process with
the Jama Product Delivery Platform.

Product Delivery Process

With the variety of solutions available these days, it can be very hard to select the right platform to help conceive, build and deliver products to market. The larger your development effort and the more people you have invested in the outcome of the product, the more important it is to have a solution that aligns your company’s product to its business. The table below describes the key features of the Jama Product Delivery Platform and how they will help you refine your R&D process.

Benefit / Value Feature

Requirements Management
Speed up definition, spend less time in meetings and get requirements right the first time.

Editing in the Review Center

Keep all team members and stakeholders in sync with current information at any time during a project. Pull in key stakeholders to help make decisions with context.

Review Center:
Streamlined review and approval process to capture feedback from customers and stakeholders, including voting for priority and electronic signatures for formal approval.

Document “whiteboard” conversations and quickly get new participants up to speed and contribute.

Enterprise Reuse:
Create a set of strategic assets once and use those to support other products, markets, channels and customers.

Increase Quality
Allow mixed teams to easily collaborate on projects, while ensuring the right people view the right information.

Create and execute test plans

Test Management:
Easily create, manage and execute test cases in any number of test plans and receive real-time visibility into product quality.

Track relationships across multiple projects to see the full impact and reach of information across the organization.

Jama offers a bi-directional integration with leading tools like Rally, JIRA and HPQC with configurable field mapping and custom scheduling options.

The ability to comment on information directly in Jama facilitates ongoing discussions and captures the conversation for stronger ideas and documented decision history.

Enterprise Reuse:
Keep shared items in sync across projects to drive consistency across requirements and increase in value over time.

Actionable Information
Provide reports and baselines to share with your stakeholders while requirements are changing to ensure everyone understands the status and history of a project.

Track your decisions

Reporting / Dashboards:
With Jama, it’s easy to customize and assemble project-level views of activity and data using widgets within the dashboard.

Formally request decisions within the context of items and projects, as well as mark decisions made.

Have full control over how you deploy and use your solution.

Instant access from any device

Downloadable Software or Hosted:
Host Jama yourself within your corporate firewall and control when updates are applied or have us host it for you with Jama Cloud and receive automatic updates to the latest version. You choose the best deployment option for your business.

OS & Database:
Jama works on your existing infrastructure to ensure adequate support and minimal consulting expenses. It is a pure Java application designed to run on J2EE application servers such as Apache Tomcat and works with your existing database software.

Multi-Browser Support:
Jama works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome, making it accessible to anyone, anytime.

Mobile Support:
Jama provides instant access to your projects with support for iOS and Android.

Support for any Methodology:
Jama allows you to manage projects in a way that best fits your organization. It fits any process whether Agile, Iterative, Waterfall or a hybrid of methodologies.

Enterprise Security
Allow mixed teams to easily collaborate on projects, while ensuring the right people view the right information.

Set permissions for individual projects

Single Sign-On (SSO):
Control access to Jama with your existing authentication tools.

SSH Encryption:
Use SSH encryption, which is the most secure and reliable way to manage your servers.

Role-based Security:
Users and groups can be defined and granted access rights to entire projects, or to any portion right down to an individual requirement.

Jama is simple, yet powerful enough for the largest companies, most complex projects in the world. It has been proven to scale to thousands of users, hundreds of projects each with thousands of project artifacts.

Audit History and Accountability
View the entire historical context of changes in one single location and ensure compliance.

Link upstream and downstream requirements

Change Management:
Track the complete version history of requirements and other items. Jama provides version control at the artifact level with the ability to do side by version comparison.

Track the relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, defects and other related items to demonstrate compliance.

Build custom reports to meet your company’s analysis needs for industry compliance.

Baselines / Versioning:
Record the state of an entire project or any subset of artifacts you choose. You can go back in time and create a baseline at some prior point in time.


Download a Checklist of the Jama Product Delivery Platform

Download “Selecting the Right Solution for Enterprise Product Delivery” to learn more about the benefits of a product delivery platform. This PDF also includes a checklist of Jama’s features that you can use as you go through your selection process. Download the Selection Guide >