Try Jama and We’ll Give More to Kiva

Jonathan Kuipers | December 21, 2011


‘Tis the Season of Giving… Ho! Ho! Oink!

Help us empower people around the world by empowering your team to collaborate better on projects. Jama, the collaborative solution for requirements management, is the #1 tool for project managers responsible for managing complex software projects. With Jama, you can keep everyone connected to the hairy details of the project, manage change when it occurs and deliver projects with better results.

Give Jama a try, we’ll give more money to Kiva.

Try Jama before December 31, 2011 and Jama Software will give another $25 loan on your behalf to Kiva benefiting an entrepreneur in the developing world. From chicken farmers in Cambodia to pharmacists in Rwanda, Jama is committed to helping other project leaders succeed in their communities around the world. Your team benefits by using Jama for your projects, and the Kiva recipients benefit from receiving money for theirs. It’s that simple.

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Thanks for helping us achieve a record year. At Jama, we were honored in 2011 by being named a top 20 software company in the Inc. 500 and by making Forbes list of the Most Promising Companies in America. Every day, we feel inspired collaborating with innovative companies tackling complex projects. We wish everyone happy holidays and look forward to providing you the tools and resources to be successful in years to come.