[Video] The Future of Traceability, Pt. I

Traceability as a map for your product

Ania Osinska-Bulloff | June 13, 2016

Traceability, at its simplest, is interconnected data that helps you understand how the products you’re building are interconnected with tests, strategy, and all company data. It captures the life of a requirement from its origins, through relationships with other requirements, all the way to changes, and has been traditionally very static, taking a form of a report or a document generated from time to time. It was meant to be looked at and absorbed.

Today, however, you can work in your data and act on it as opposed to just see it. You can navigate it like a map.

Robin Calhoun, Senior Product Manager at Jama Software and Derwyn Harris, Director of Product Marketing, take it a step further and discuss what traceability will look like in the future. “It’s something we’re working on right now in our solution. We made our new tool, Trace View, as interactive as possible, since there is so much dense data in Jama,” says Robin Calhoun. “When you look at your data, you no longer need to just absorb it, but rather fix what’s broken and ask questions such as: is this covered or tested? Who wrote this? Why are we building this? When was this built?” Modern traceability allows you to keep exploring and digging further, or zooming in/out, ultimately leading to discoveries impossible to uncover with static documents.

Stay tuned for more on the vision of traceability and what it means for the customers we work with, especially in the systems space. In the next few weeks, Robin and Derwyn will also discuss  human intelligence and the AI aspect of modern traceability, explore its agility, and how it helps build great products continuously.