Product Innovation Trends

Product Delivery Strategies for Systems Engineering

Connor O'Brien | October 3, 2014

According to a May 2013 report on disruptive technologies from the McKinsey Global Institute, the number of connected machine-to-machine devices has increased 300% since 2008. As software becomes more and more embedded into technology, the rate of innovation accelerates. Software makes products do more, faster, while also escalating rates of delivery. Connected software has also evolved customer expectations around hardware technology. Systems engineering teams know that it’s critical to ensure that all aspects of a project are considered in order to deliver successfully. Most teams also know that the behavior and interactions between system components is not always well known or easily defined.


Bridging the gap between user or operator requirements and technical specifications through defining characteristics of the systems and subsystems interactions is the role of a successful systems engineer. Yet, with these challenges most organizations rely on tools that lack the ability to tackle complexity. Providing product and project teams with cross-functional collaboration, a clear understanding of customer or stakeholder requirements, deep relational traceability, reliable and reportable change management and the ability to reuse parts of or whole projects has been either overly complicated or completely devoid in legacy tools.

By providing a more modern, cohesive approach to bringing products to market, product delivery has proven crucial to systems engineers across Jama customers SpaceX, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin and Aerovironment. With a focus on customer/stakeholder-driven development and live data shared across collaborative teams the insight and speed to decisions, definitions and ultimately delivery has been increased even as systems have grown in complexity.

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