PDX Tech Crawlers Connecting with Jamanians

The night that made us feel proud

Lauren Espinosa | September 9, 2016

It was an amazing night to meet new people and network with other technology enthusiast in a relaxed environment. Thank you to all the PDX Tech Crawlers that made the trek over to Jama last night.

PDX Tech Crawl

As one of Jama Engineering managers, Tom Healy, put it:

“I’m a proud Jamanian this morning: Last night was my second PDX Tech Crawl as a host for Jama. We had an awesome showing of a LOT of Jamanians across all departments hanging out and talking to all kinds of people about how cool Jama is. We had great posters up on the wall as conversation starters and explaining how we work. My throat is sore this morning from all the talking last night! I have to say it was SO invigorating to see so many positive reactions about not only how we build and deliver software but how we work as a company.”

PDX Tech Crawl

PDX Tech Crawl

PDX Tech Crawl

We had several members of our engineering team on hand, who were eager to share what makes their team unique, such as, our self selecting teams and our focus on paired/mob programming.

PDX Tech Crawl

We have to give a shout out to all the TechAcadamy folks who stopped by our office. Great to see you all engaged in learning more about the PDX Tech Community.

Thanks to all the organizers of, yet another, successful PDX Tech Crawl! Can’t wait for next year!

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