How to Love Your Commute, Even When it Rains

Cargo biking with my son is why I love my way to work

Lance Poehler | July 8, 2016

I love my morning commute to Jama! Why you may ask? I love my commute because I get to spend some quality outdoor time biking my son to daycare on the way to work. We commute together on my Bakfiets. They are amazing for families. They come standard with car seat mounts for little ones as well as a bench with shoulder straps for toddlers. While we opted out, all Bakfiets can also be equipped with pedal assist. This is a great option for families who live/work near hills. We also picked up a rain canopy to make commuting in the winter just as fun as the summer. We do love our 7 months of liquid sunshine!



Each morning after we have eaten breakfast, we put on our raincoats, grab our day care essentials, and head out to the garage where our Bakfiets lives. As a car-free family, we consider it our minivan. There is more than enough room for our son’s school supplies as well as extras and toys for the trip. We also keep an extra blanket in the Bakfiets just in case but we have found that he stays nice and snuggly under the rain canopy. I love being able to see him as we ride and he loves being able to see me.




My commute is a short 2.8 miles. Our daycare is only 1 mile of this commute. I like this school because no matter the weather, or the season, you can also count on seeing other families and their cargo bike riding to school. I am so grateful to have the ability to spend this time with my son everyday.



Once he is dropped off at school, I simply bike straight to Jama. It’s great that I can literally walk straight into the office with my Bakfiets. At Jama, we have a huge locked room for all kinds of bikes. That includes my bike, which could never be placed on a hook. For me, this is essential. I don’t think I would feel comfortable leaving it outside day in and day out. Jama has helped to take this stress out of my commute. I am thankful to work at a company that cares so much about their employees.





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