Jama Hosts Portland Women in IT Happy Hour

Sara Morrow | July 18, 2013

We believe community is important.  One of the great local groups that Jama supports is Portland Women in Information Technology. This group is effectively supporting individuals who already work in tech and boosting visibility and making it easier for women who aspire to be in tech to get into the industry.

Personally, I have leveraged this group in so many ways—for jobs, advice and day-to-day support. When I was considering a job change, I was sought, and received, advice from others in the group regarding the companies I was considering. Also, thanks to the group’s advice, I read Lean In, which was tremendously helpful with interviewing and negotiating tips.

On Tuesday, July 23, Jama hosts the monthly Women in Information Technology get-together. We provide a space; the group provides the support for women in our community.  We hope to see you there!

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This month’s WiIT Newsletter featured our very own Devon Lee:

Devon_Lee_Headshot.1 Meet Devon!
Devon Lee has had many roles since she started at Jama Software, and currently she’s loving her job as the IT manager, partly because she enjoys being in contact with every employee in the business. Devon also enjoys PDX WiIT, because it’s so useful for networking with others in her field.

Outside of work, Devon spends as much time as possible in the outdoors in and around Portland. She’s an avid snowboarder in the winter (Mt. Hood) and camper in the summer (all over the state with her kids), but she has her homey side, too. “On a typical Saturday night you’ll find me hosting a dinner party for friends and family,” Devon says, “or hanging out in my lovely neighborhood, the Pearl.”