It’s all about iteration

Jonathan Kuipers | February 3, 2011

Developing new products can be risky, time consuming and down right costly.  Yet, breakthrough new products and apps continue to steal the spotlight and grab the headlines. However, according to the 2011 State of Requirements Management Report, “bringing new products to market” is not the main goal for most teams.  Based on the survey results, the stated goal for 88 percent of projects is “enhancing existing products.”  The reality is we spend more time and energy on incrementally enhancing existing products to make them better.  It’s all about continuous iterations.  Listen, plan, build, test.  Rinse and repeat.

In December 2010, Jama Software partnered with Ravenflow to conduct an industry-wide survey including over 800 participants about the challenges, trends & successes in requirements management today. For more information about today’s world of RM, download a copy of the 2011 Report or attend the Trends & Technologies Webinar on February 10th.