HP Quality Center + Jama: A new integration.

Emily Down | August 26, 2010

In order to leverage your collective genius, we know that you need to connect your tools.

Now, with the Jama Connector for HP Quality Center (HPQC), you can connect your business analysts with QA teams. Through this integration, your QA managers can work in HPQC where they’re comfortable, while staying in sync on the requirements. At the same time, your business analysts, project managers and other stakeholders can work in Jama where they’re comfortable, while staying in sync on the latest test results. By integrating these two solutions, teams can ensure 100% test coverage and eliminate expensive rework and defects. Read our HPQC Connector Playbook, which explains these common HPQC to Jama scenarios in greater detail.

We’re excited about this new Jama to HPQC solution, as it provides complete visibility and traceability throughout the testing process. And by automating your synchronization of requirements, use cases, test cases and other items from Jama into HPQC, you’ll save time and money. Ready to learn more?