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Madeline Wigen Kernan | May 27, 2015

Customer Profile: Siteworx

For companies like Time Warner Cable, NPR and PBS, online media management is business-critical. Designing and implementing a digital experience that allows audiences to find and discover content–and enables the company to manage this vital business asset over time–is at the core of Siteworx’s offering. For over a decade this agency has helped these large media companies serve up millions of page views and ecommerce transactions every month.

Innovation drives award-winning product development

With its unique offering of strategic vision, creative design and technical solutions Siteworx has delivered premier online media and ecommerce experiences to some of the most respected content sites on the Internet. Notably, the company took on the task of migrating 40 years of NPR content online, making thousands of hours of media available to audiences in a whole new way. With innovation continuing to drive its work, Siteworx has its sights set on taking ecommerce to the next level. In 2014, Siteworx was named Adobe’s “2013 North American Regional Partner of the Year” and recently hired a new director of ecommerce.

Testing critical to quality of complex projects

“Each client and project is different.” Says Daryoush Mansouri, VP of Quality and Risk Management “Each comes with a different set of needs and challenges, requiring different strategies. “We’re adaptable in our approach and the tools that we’ve adopted support that process.” As part of that process, Siteworx relies on Jama to help them support their testing process – a critical component of their complex projects. With a client list that includes J.Crew, Sears, Hyatt Hotels and Norwegian Cruise Lines, Siteworx looks to continue to expand its footprint in customer-centric ecommerce projects.


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