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Emily Down | August 9, 2011

You follow, we give. We’ll give $1 to for each new follower of @jamasoftware on Twitter through August 20th to celebrate our 250th loan.

Since 2008, rather than investing in Google Adwords, we contribute a portion of our marketing budget as loans to Kiva to support entrepreneurs in the developing world. Even as a technology start-up, we’re committed as a company to helping others succeed as we grow. We believe in giving back from the very start.

We chose because they embody a few fundamental principles that we share:

  1. A belief that the entrepreneurial spirit lives in everyone from Portland, Oregon to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  2. Thousands of micro-actions between people that create a huge macro-effect.
  3. Taking a collaborative, Web-based approach to solving a big problem.
  4. An open, global community of people working together for greater success.

Help us donate more to help entrepreneurs across the globe.  Tweet, tweet. Give, give.

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