Healthcare executives: Are compliance issues keeping you up at night? Jama can help.

Emily Down | September 16, 2011

It’s what keeps CIOs, project leaders and IT directors up at night – how are we going to meet all the impending regulatory deadlines without suffering millions in penalties?

Regulatory demands in healthcare are at an all time high. With a penalty of around $2 million for each day out of compliance, mitigating risk is critical. But how? In response to ICD-10 and other U.S. regulatory mandates, we’ve found that healthcare organizations are investing in jama as “an insurance policy” to enable their teams to collaborate and make decisions with greater accuracy.

to Gartner’s Top Actions for Healthcare to Meet the ICD-10 Deadline, “If ICD-10 plans for core system support and application inventories have not been completed, plans formed, and milestones set and monitored, they are behind.”We’ve found that when teams work in a siloed enviroment, it puts the project at risk. Healthcare organizations must engage stakeholders in in the decisions around compliance and remediation. Changes are continuous throughout the planning, development and testing, and implementing a decision-making platform gives teams a place to review, discuss and analyze the impact collaboratively.

With such high-profile and expensive projects, you’ll want to act now to minimize risks that could stand in your way of meeting deadlines, such as the October 2013 deadline for ICD-10. But, that’s easier said than done. We’ve put together a guide on avoiding the hidden risk of ICD-10 remediation, where you can learn our suggestions on meeting compliance. Download a copy of the guide >

For healthcare providers involved in ICD-10 remediation, we’ve also found Deloitte’s ICD-10 Implementation for Health Care Providers: The business imperative for compliance to be a valuable asset for planning and preparing your roadmap.