Collaboration & managing requirements: Software Development Times

Emily Down | September 17, 2010

In its September 15 issue, Software Development Times featured the evolution of requirements management (RM). Author Lisa Morgan contacted our own John Simpson, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach, as a contributor.

As Lisa explains, we at Jama Software estimate eighty percent of companies “fall somewhere in between pure waterfall and pure agile in terms of software development and requirements implementation.” Lisa asserts, “the collaborative nature of agile development is also affecting the evolution of requirements tools.” Within the article, John explains, “Before, people viewed requirements as the beginning of a process, and then they forgot about it until revisions were necessary. Now requirements management is a foundational layer that ties the beginning to the middle and end.”

Through her research, Lisa concludes that RM needs “more attention than than it’s getting in some organizations,” but that “providers will have to overcome perceptions that requirements tools represent too much overhead when there is no time to waste.” Our RM solution, Jama balances the flexibility of a Web application with the collaboration, change control and scope management that product development requires.

Check out the article here (PDF) from September 15 (“Managing Requirements: How Much is Enough?” pg 23-25).