Why It’s Time to Prioritize How You Commute

And Why Jama is the Perfect Place for Bike Lovers

Jerry McCorkle | March 18, 2016

One of the best things about Jama for me is how “bikey” it is. I rode my bike to my first interview at Jama and have ridden my bike to work every day since I got the happy news that I was to join Jama Nation. I am really lucky that I live just five miles from downtown. That gives me lots of options for riding.

If I am in a hurry, I can go directly to and from and it is faster and easier than any other way to go. And yeah, it is really easy to stop and take a picture of the sunrise or something. Or, I can do Pill Hill repeats at lunch, or take the long way home through Oregon City, or Vancouver, or Boring or where do you want to go?

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And while I know it seems kind of weird to most people, I do ride my bike in all kinds of weather. Ice? Dude, I commuted by bike in Minneapolis before it was cool.


But when it gets really rainy, like the rainiest day in 2015, I take the day off to ride in a Christmas procession, and through the storm debris on Larch Mountain.

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And while Portland may only have 68 sunny days every year, from my point of view (on a bike saddle) it looks a lot like paradise.


Throw in the secure bike storage in the basement of Jama office, showers, locker and towel service (yup, we are that fancy).

Jama is the perfect place to work for “bikey” folks like me.

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